Here’s How Your Clothes Affect Your Mood and Emotions

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When you look good you feel good

When you find clothes that you love, ones that are known to be on a level with the latest trends you feel good when you wear them. You feel like a celebrity when you are able to don designer clothes from labels that are known to be the favorites of the famous men and women around the world.

Fit determines your confidence levels

Clothes that fit too loose or too tight can affect your self-esteem very much. There are many women who feel very much disappointed when their favorite clothes do not fit anymore. Buying clothes that are smaller or bigger than your ideal size can be more of a demotivation if you are not able to fit into them.

Shabbiness can be a dampening factor

Besides the look and the styles of the clothes itself, the condition of the clothes also has a role to play in affecting your moods. Not many would feel good to walk into their office with shabby clothes, clothes that look dirty or worn out or clothes that look wrinkly.

Weather appropriate clothes

Dressing up for the occasion is one thing but dressing up for the weather is another crucial point. This is to ensure that you feel comfortable. When you are not protected from the harsh cold weather conditions or when you are wearing clothes that are making you feel sweaty and warm you do not feel comfortable. This can take a toll on your mood.

The style, colors, fit and every other parameter like this can elevate your spirits or put them down. So choose the right clothes to put your confident self forward. …

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