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“I also would like to tell about little children of pre-school age. Adults have to change their attitude towards such children!

“Little children are a source of joy and happiness! Almost all of them come to this world as souls similar to blank pages: to begin creating their lives anew on the Path to Light! And it is adults that begin to ‘write’ children’s destinies by introducing into the children’s souls the seeds of either good or bad qualities!

“When a soul comes to the Earth (incarnates), it is difficult for the soul to become used to the small child’s body, to its limited physical and mental abilities. The soul has to master relationships with the outer world through intermediates: through adults and peers, who surround the baby. The soul anyway absorbs everything — both good and bad: on this stage of development children are not capable of discerning them.

“It is the seeds of good that adults have to introduce into children souls! It is very easy to do in early age by addressing the soul, the consciousness of the child without using the intermediate — the manas* of the body. The effectiveness of such education is very high, but adults themselves have to be in the state of love, otherwise the result will be the opposite.

“It is very important to exclude from relationships with children the ways of educating them which use only the commands like: “it is not allowed!”, “do not go!”, “do not touch it!”, etc. One necessarily has to explain to the child why it is allowed and why not. Then the child develops the ability to think rather than to react primitively to the commands of adults.

“Adults think that they know better than children, but this is not necessarily always true. Adults have to observe more attentively the behavior and reactions of children in different situations before trying to educate them. And then adults can avoid making many mistakes which are harmful to children.”

* * *

“I am very glad for you! I help you all of the time! I suggest that you place in yourselves that sun which shines in Me. The one who abides in Me — becomes My Soul and gains life in Me!

“I suggest that you, too, use My pink Sun — to avoid the world of sorrow. The one who turns by the soul into the Joy of Rada — forever settles in Me! From this stage only one step remains to the Abode of the Creator!

“It is very easy to settle in the world of God if you have joy in the soul! Sorrow, depression, and hatred are for hell. But calm, quiet, flowing love, love-happiness of communication with Me, with living nature is the path which I sought and traversed. By this path I have led very many people!

One has to use this stage — especially among those ontogenetically young, including children — the ability to live in the joy of the light of My Sun!

“I suggest that those who begin their Path to Me settle in this tender pink Light and stretch the arms of the soul from this Light.

“Help souls settle in Me — and I will guide worthy ones to the Abode of the Creator!

“Recall Me at least every Sunday and then the entire week I will be with you!”


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