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Book of Vladimir Antonov "Spiritual Work with Children"

“It is utterly important to understand that Mergence with the Father is the Mergence with Him in love, because He Himself is Love, the state of Love. And in order this to happen we have to transform into Love.”

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What is Love
"Love... manifests itself as care, tenderness, devotion, self-sacrifice, active service to God, which is realized through service to other people called karma-yoga..."


“The most important point that I want to talk about is introducing of the principle of giving! It has to come together with opening of the spiritual heart and you have to suggest many different ways of realization of this principle!

“People need to be suggested the ways of positive development! They all want to receive — but one has to teach them to give, to create!

“Every person can begin to help God: to help to transform that which is bad. But everyone has to start by changing themselves — only themselves!

“Everyone can begin to create around themselves a small space of love. It is so simple that everyone can do it…

“One has to learn to shine with a ray of love from the spiritual heart!

“One can come to the forest; it is best to do it in spring, but any other season is also good. One has to stand near a birch, touch its trunk with a finger, stroke tenderly this living tree, and then feel a ray of light coming from one’s own chest, from the place where love lives. And then — to stroke with this ray of light the trunk of the birch: as with a finger.

“Then one can repeat this exercise several times — in order to really feel this touching.

“Anyone can do this — a little child, the mother or grandmother of the child; then the child can teach it to the father and the grandfather.

“Everyone has this ray; one just needs to turn on the light of love.

“If there is no forest or birches nearby, then one can stroke any tree…

“Then one has to learn to shine with this ray at any distance — and thus to give tenderness to all whom one loves.

“One can try to shine even at flowers which grow in one’s room and see how they will grow better after that!

“One can try to direct this ray to our Earth and to stroke the planet with it, directing the ray into the depth: the Earth also has a heart… One has to stroke it very gently: Earth is living!

“One can also stroke God with this ray and feel the Joy of God in response…

“… I would like to give all people this knowledge: ‘Everything around you loves you, man! Thus the Creation was created by God-the-Father! And if inside you there is a response of love, then mergence happens: separateness and isolation disappear and become replaced with the Love of Everything Existing! All energies of the universe inside man then come to harmony!’

“This can be given not only to those who are close to Higher Initiations. This should be included into the basic course of opening of the spiritual heart!

“Harmony and Love of the Absolute — this meditation has to become one’s background state, one’s natural way of life, the correct self-awareness of the soul!

“Everything can be solved through submergence of the consciousness into the spiritual heart!

“I can suggest several other methods for beginners — for those who want to see and experience this but have not managed to do it yet. I will try to outline several simple and easy-to-use methods that can replace the usual amusements of city life.

“Why does it happen that people cannot perceive the most important things themselves? Because from childhood they do not live a conscious life — they are used to ‘feeding on’ other’s ideas and emotions! These other’s ideas and emotions — coming, among other sources, through TV and music players — fill inside man the emptiness of the soul that originates from the unconscious way of life!

“One has to teach people to love — only then the entire spectrum of perception and awareness of the human soul is turned on!

“For example, one can learn to walk the Earth. One can remember that our Earth is a living soul, and simply walk, carefully stepping on the body of the Earth, feeling every touch of the feet to its surface. It is very simple; everyone can do this! Just ten minutes of such walking can result in first changes. Even children can be taught this. If people become aware that the Earth is a living soul, then they will be more kind and understanding, because a connection between two souls occurs: between the small human soul — and the giant soul of the Earth. This connection, if one feels it, can help to become more healthy and happy: it is similar to a link between a mother and her child connected by the awareness of mutual love!

“One can also lie on the Earth with open arms, in a relaxed state — and become aware that we fly in the space on the planet called Earth… If a teacher or parents lie together with children in this way and tell them about the universe — then the children’s impressions from this conversation will be more important than those received in entertainment attractions!

“And a stay for a night in the forest can give unforgettable impressions if one lies so and looks at the stars…

“One can also touch with the hands living water. Water has wonderful qualities; people know only some of them. If one feels that the water in a pure river or a forest lake is living, then one can wash oneself and swim in it in a very special way.

“For centuries people used water for healing; this use is based on the quality of water to change its structure under the influence of the consciousness. For example, when we touch with the hands something living, we can give our love… And water as well — will remember this for a long time…

“One can wash oneself or swim in interaction with this wonderful miracle created by God on our planet — with water, which is one of the main components of the matter of living organisms. One can even talk to water, to ask it to purify and to heal the body. One can swim, feeling water with every cell of the body. Thus one can increase the awareness, improve health, and remember this exercise as something very significant!

“One can also wash oneself with sunlight. It does not mean simply exposing the body to sunlight, but one has to interact with it! The energy of the Sun is so wonderful! It exists both on the visible and non-visible to human eye levels; it penetrates the depth of us! One can stand under a flow of sunlight as if under a waterfall — and do the exercise Latihan. And this can fill one with joy and health!…

“Of course, one should not suggest to people who are not interested in spiritual truths to dedicate much time to such exercises. For them it can be interesting and useful to arrange sport trainings in nature, to collect mushrooms, berries, and medicinal herbs. One can taste the gifts of nature: berries, leaves, herbs that are pleasant to eat. And let us thank nature for this gift! This can also bring healing to the body and to the soul! Many people can be attracted by this healing aspect — and it is very good in the beginning.

“One can learn to receive joy even from removing garbage from places where people defiled the beauty of nature with it. This is also ecology that people have to learn!…

“It is in interaction with harmonious states of living nature, with concrete plants and animals that people can come to understand with what great Love God created everything living!”


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