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Anastasia, Lada, Rada

“We want to tell a few words to parents — to moms and dads:

“God gives you a child’s soul or even several souls so that you raise and educate them. And every one of your children is a special soul; you know this.

“You called him or her — to be born — and they chose you… God, too, took part in this process; it was not by chance!

“While children are little, the parents determine their future to a large extent!

“Good parents think about what they need to do, what is the most important thing in the education of their children.

“… Today we want to tell a little about love-trust — as a means of education.

“One has to strengthen not one’s control over the child but mutual love and understanding!

“For this purpose one has to learn to see, to hear, to understand the soul of the child!

“Let the child obey you not out of the fear of punishment but out of trust and respect!

“Let love and a caring attitude — both yours and your child’s — be always mutual!

“You may sigh: it is so difficult, I have no time, I have no strength! Yet this may be the most important thing in the upbringing!

“You are a soul; your child is a soul. And souls can learn from each other. Let us try to always remember — in relationships with little children and with those who are almost adults — that this soul became my daughter or my son so that we can teach each other love, patience, calm, forgiveness, can give each other knowledge, skills, etc.

“… Let us try to help children awaken to the awareness of themselves as souls! And through this we ourselves will awaken too!

“Let us begin to look at the world together — how beautiful the Divine Creation is! Let us tell children what we know — and thus we together will cognize something new! Let us try to see BEAUTY with the help of a camera or a painting; we may want to listen to someone together; we may run or swim together, work in the garden together… In any case we have to be open to each other and to the life around! And God will help us! This is His joy: to see how the souls of His children grow towards light, kindness, and love!”

“How can one raise ethics in children? How can one instill the basics of ethics in adults?”

“It is best to do this by one’s own example!

“The main educator is the way of life of those who live near the child. They can be parents, teachers, or the society in general. It is principles of life seen in real examples (not slogans but real life principles of concrete people and of the entire society) that educate our children!

“If these examples are imprinted by children’s souls as something they can imitate, as examples of behavior — then they become qualities of the soul. And if such examples are love, benevolence towards everyone, caring attitude, respect — then all these qualities will be developed when children grow. If children imprint emotions and behavior of the opposite kind — then for a long time such souls have to be weaned — through their own pain — off the vices imprinted in the memory of the consciousness during childhood.

“And many such qualities — both positive and negative ones — are ‘inherited’ in the next incarnation in one’s new body.

“Therefore it is important for everyone!”

“What can one do if the moral norms of the society have degraded, if immorality has become a norm of life, if perverted moral norms are imprinted by the society? What can one do to introduce even small seeds of the true ethics into the souls?”

“One can write or create images that children want to imitate!

“If one speaks openly about people whose life is highly ethical and beautiful — then this can help those who also want to become such heroes of spirit!

“It is with this purpose that Avatars come to the Earth — to show to people examples so pure and beautiful that many souls may aspire to Them with great love, may accept Their advice and ethical precepts, and may follow Their example in everything! Avatars show with Themselves the examples of Love, Goodness, and Knowledge and manifest this by every day of Their lives!”


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