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Book of Vladimir Antonov "Spiritual Work with Children"

“... Nudism may become a special component of the spiritual work for those who have achieved the guna sattva: it helps to strengthen sattvic qualities in people.”

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“Lao! What can one do to prevent situations when children who received our knowledge ‘fall back’ to the opposite inclinations?”

“First, you have to develop love in children! Then such ‘falls’ will be impossible. A soul which has grown as love cannot degrade!

“Second, you have to strive to create groups of children (or children and adults) similar to forest ashrams — with a pure and harmonious environment for living and growing. It is in such an environment that one can form in souls strong, positive principles of life, ethics, and principles of interaction with the world of living nature. Forest schools are a possibility to provide help to sprouts of good, which need to be cared for constantly in the beginning.

“To be different from others — normally is not possible for a soul in a child’s body. To oppose alone the aggressive primitivism is possible only for an adult and strong person. Also, not all children can withstand by themselves the temptations of the dull contentment of the tamas guna.

“But if there are companions on the Path, then the child — even if he or she was an outcast — accepts a new positive role and becomes one of the heroes-pioneers, defenders of the good!

“To a child, it is very important to have like-minded companions both among adults and among children!

“… One has to lay in children the foundation of development in the form of the growth of love! Then future difficulties, including the temptations of the egoistic attitude towards the world, become less dangerous.

“It is love that has to be the foundation of the education of souls of any age! This makes their degradation impossible! If the hands of the spiritual heart — the hands which give, create love — became the basis of the soul’s life, then such a soul cannot fall! And against such a background the intellect has to be developed! A healthy and joyful way of life in harmony with nature, giving love to others — this is how souls have to be educated! The development of cordial love towards every one of God’s creations can help children on the spiritual Path! Forest schools make it possible to create a spiritual environment for the children’s growth!”

“How can one help those who turn away from love?”

“They have many lives ahead… God’s help comes to those who seek how to help others.”


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