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His or Her Life with God?

Who Can or Cannot Realize
His or Her Life with God?

The possibilities of people on the Path of spiritual development are very different. It depends, first of all, on the intellectual abilities of the person at the current stage of his or her evolutionary development.

All people can be subdivided into the following categories* according to their intellectual levels:

9. Avatars.

8. Prophets.

7. Geniuses.

- - - - - - - - - - -

6. Reasonable people.

5. Those who retain the “human form”.

4. “Physiologically silly”.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

3. Morons.

2. Imbeciles.

1. Idiots.*

The groups 1 – 3 belong to the category of the mentally retarded (oligophrenics).

The members of the three middle groups constitute the majority of the population in any developed country.

The members of the groups 7 – 9 are Those few who have advanced in Their development to the Divine Level.

* * *

There is no reason to pity feebleminded people: they do not suffer from their limited abilities, and their state is not their bad destiny (karma) but the destiny of their parents.

For example, these parents should not have had children, because they had higher tasks for their current incarnations. However, their egoistic desire to have their own baby prevailed…

So a baby was born, and it turned out that the baby is mentally deficient. This situation imposes a new ethically significant decision: what to do? To make the baby die? To let other people adopt this baby? Or to try to help this incarnate soul to advance in its evolutionary development as much as possible?

Such souls were embodied in their past incarnations as less-developed animals. However, in the future they have to become well-developed humans (not necessarily in the next incarnations), and the present incarnation can be useful for them in gaining some initial experience of living in human bodies.

Another example is the case of children born from completely degraded alcoholics and other kinds of degenerated persons. What should God do in such situations: should He send spiritually promising souls to incarnate in such unfavorable conditions? Absolutely not!

* * *

The term “physiologically silly” was used in the Russian psychiatry of the 18-19th centuries as a contraposition to “pathologically silly”, i.e. those whose silliness is out of the commonly accepted norm.

In adult life, the “physiologically silly” are usually involved in activity that does not require a developed intellect. They can be recognized by the following characteristic features: they believe in omens and forecasting, rely on superstitions, participate in primitive entertainments like making fireworks, rooting for teams playing sports in stadiums, and quite often they have an inclination to hate ‘aliens’ — those who are different from themselves by some feature: by the place of living, by ethnicity, etc.; they seek any cause for hatred…

Their religiousness, if they have been taught it, consists only in that they mechanically keep certain rules and rituals of everyday life, which are prescribed in the social environment where they were born. It can be, for example, rules about how one should be dressed, what haircut one should have, which religious bodily movements one should perform, and other such things. And they can become very aggressive if they come to know that someone violates these rules. They also constantly repeat prayers like: “Save me!”, “Bless me!”, “Forgive me!”, “Give me!” — instead of becoming better themselves!

They are not capable of understanding the essence of the Teachings of God and are not capable of making real spiritual efforts. They also cannot master control over their own emotions. Their passions of egoistic sexual desires can turn abruptly into hatred, enmity, violence, and killing.

Absolute egocentrism and egoism, inability to understand other people and take the interests of others into consideration — all these features are well manifested in their behavior.

They easily commit various crimes — mainly the so-called domestic crimes, i.e. those committed under the influence of abruptly arising violent negative emotions.

Aggressive fans of sport clubs or of various religious sects, also members of cruel criminal gangs — all they, in their majority, are people united by the so-called “crowd effect”.

They easily become alcoholics and addicts to various kinds of narcotics.

By committing crimes they maim their destinies. Alcoholism and narcotic addictions result in intellectual degradation.

Is it possible to save people from this evil? Yes: By introducing the true knowledge about the meaning of our lives — starting from school educational programs!

… In contrast to this group, the representatives of the fifth stage possess a developed thinking ability — at the level of functioning of the ajna chakra [18]. And they can successfully perform positive socially-significant work within the field of professional knowledge which they have mastered. However, they do not yet have the ability to strategically comprehend with the mind really important or professional matters. Therefore, they cannot be good leaders, though they can conscientiously and diligently perform their social duties — under the guidance of worthy leaders.

Their other typical feature is firm adherence to traditions and stereotypes of thinking which they learned at an early age, also the inability ‘to look broader’, ‘to rise above’ the subject or problem, to revise critically and independently the stereotypes accepted in their social environment, to develop a more rational approach to solving a task.

With regards to religion, these people usually become atheists or followers of particular religious movements. And they cannot overcome by themselves the erroneous sectarian narrow-mindedness. Just like the representatives of the previous stage, they, too, are enslaved by dogmas and rules and believe in the ‘salvational’ nature of the rituals they perform…

Their religiousness is like child’s play religion. They are not capable of performing serious and long-term efforts on self-development.

Juan Matus [8,17] called this kind of intellectual narrowness by the term “human form”* — as opposed to the freedom that man achieves in the process of direct cognition of the Absolute far beyond the limits of the material body. This freedom is about life in the Absolute not limited by dependencies on the world of matter, and this life can be gained only if one drops off the “human form” inherent in the majority of people. Juan Matus called us to destroy this narrowness in ourselves.

“Become free! Be so free that you can become Love like I am!” [9] — thus God addressed once one of His disciples who was coming to a higher stage of her development.

One should understand also that the task of destruction of the “human form” cannot be realized quickly. And not all representatives of the considered group are capable of doing this right now. Only those of them can do it who have become completely mature at the previous stage of their development. As for others, one must not hurry them: it can be destructive for them. Too premature abandonment of the “human form” may result in one’s inadequate behavior in society.

Also it should be taken into account that one has to become mature for this transition — not only in psychogenesis (i.e. in the evolutionary process of the development of the soul) but also in the current incarnation (in ontogenesis). After all, the “loss of the human form” happens not due to flicking some kind of a switch in the brain; it requires achievement of the necessary level of intellectual development.

In every new ontogenesis, if everything goes well, one has to pass again through all the already-traversed stages of development — and then one can begin to master new ones.

Development of the thinking abilities depends on functioning of the head chakras. It is the ajna chakra that develops first — both in psychogenesis and in ontogenesis. It is the part of the consciousness related to this chakra that allows man to manifest the personal positive qualities at the fifth stage.

Nevertheless, one’s success in development at the sixth stage is determined by the maturity of the sahasrara chakra as well. With the intellect developed in psychogenesis (and in ontogenesis) such people can easily comprehend all the subjects that they want to master. This allows them to plan and to foresee the course of events, to draw conclusions from mistakes, and to successfully guide the activity of their assistants.

In the sphere of religious knowledge, they can easily accept:

— that there is one God common for all people,

— that the essence of all Teachings, imparted by all the Representatives of the Creator to people on the Earth, is one,

— that the principles of the evolution of souls are also common for all,

— that in reality, there is no such thing as a mystical transfer of connectedness with God by means of the ritual laying on of hands; there is neither “remittance of sins”, nor “salvation” through prayers. The Kingdom of God (i.e. the Abode of the Creator) can be cognized only through one’s own spiritual efforts (Matt 11:12; Luke 16:16).

It is starting with the sixth stage of intellectual development that people become capable of mastering Buddhi Yoga.

And it is thanks to Buddhi Yoga that they come to the three higher stages of the considered scheme.

* * *

In order to more successfully master these higher stages, a person possessing a developed sahasrara chakra has to make efforts on transforming oneself into a spiritual heart growing outside the material body.* [18-20,39]

It is with the developed spiritual heart — which is subtle and giant, open and possessing strong arms of the consciousness — that one can gradually progress in the task of cognition of God in the Aspects of the Holy Spirit, of the Creator, and of the Absolute.

On this Path, spiritual warriors become similar to Holy Spirits. Now they can:

— move between the lokas of multidimensional space and master the subtlest of them,

— send from these eons love-tenderness, love-caress, love-power to other beings, thus helping them in their development,

— embrace Holy Spirits, merge with Them, thus becoming ready for entering the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness and for merging with It.

Of course, these abilities cannot be developed at once: nor in one day, nor in one week, nor in one month. The process of approaching the Creator goes on gradually — during months and years of ethically impeccable life.

God Himself points out that one of His rules of relationships with incarnate people is the following: He (God) does not give to a person more than this person gives to God.

For all reasonable people it must be clear that this rule does not imply that one should go to church, kiss icons, repeat prayers, feed statuettes of “gods” with material foods, and so forth. This rule implies that one should dedicate one’s own life completely to doing tasks that contribute to the Evolution of the Primordial Consciousness.

Among such tasks is distribution of the true knowledge about God and about how we should live if we know about His existence.

Any other activity involving helping people in their righteous existence on the Earth is also pleasant for God. This includes building houses, producing pure food, medical work, giving birth to children and raising them properly, and many other things.

Having made their own state similar to the state of the Holy Spirits and of the Creator, having become established in this state, and having proven that they deserve the next stage — spiritual warriors receive the right to enter the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness and to begin the process of merging with It. From now on They become Parts of the Creator and His Representatives on the Earth for incarnate people.

However, the abilities of such Divine Persons are not equal. Sathya Sai Baba says the following about this [8,17]:

“… (In the beginning) one has to grow one’s own intellect, one’s own ability to think so. And only then this ability to think with the consciousness* unites with My Divine Wisdom!

“In this way the development of the soul goes on. First, you have to learn to be love and to grow as love. Then you learn to give your love to Me. In this way, gradually, you master Mergence with Me.

“If you have no love yet… — then you have nothing by which you can merge with Me!

“Then love should be supplemented with the aspect of power.

“When you dedicate all the strength of the soul to serving Me*, then you begin mastering Mergence with My Omnipotence. This is a very gradual process…

“In the same way, gradually, you can learn Divine thinking from Me.

“After all, being in Me means to be Me! Therefore, the flow and the essence of your thoughts must correspond to this. I suggest that you master broad-thinking — thoughts flow easily, smoothly, calmly and become manifested from the Depth on the material plane. And then one can encompass with the consciousness not only forests, meadows, rivers, lakes with their inhabitants, but also countries, continents, nations and communities of people, feeling them all together and every one in particular.

“Yes, you have to learn from Me — to love, to think, to act! The lower “i” must be substituted with the Higher “I” — with your True Divine I, Which is coessential with the “I” of God.

“… But this is not the end of the path. Every Soul that has become One with Me continues to develop in Me, growing and perfecting Its service — the service to the evolution of consciousnesses in the universe.

“Those of Us Who come embodied to the Earth differ from each other. It does not mean that Some are superior or inferior to Others… The difference is that Some are like sprouts which just have appeared on the surface from the boundless Foundation — from the Ocean of the Creator, while Others are like strong great trees which have been growing for a long time.

“Nevertheless, however great may be every One coming out from Me, He or She is only a small particle of the Great Primordial Ocean!

“… Avatars always have something to say to people: They are Flows of the Divine Energy directly from the Ocean of the Creator.

“… I am going to tell you about how Those Who became One with the Father live. They live helping people cognize their Higher Nature. They live manifesting the Father.”

* * *

All Those, who have achieved this, receive the right not to incarnate again. But not all of Them use it: Their Great Sacrificial Love attracts Them to new incarnations, because from the incarnate state it is much easier for Them to explain the Truth to people.

But having embodied, during the long years of earthly childhood some of Them may forget about God and about the purpose of Their coming to earthly bodies… It is a quality of the memory — to forget about past things… And if They do not appear in a sound religious environment, They live… as atheists. And sometimes They do deeds which are not of Divine nature. One of such examples is famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin…

They forget about God, forget about the possibility to communicate with Him, to submerge with the Consciousness into Him… They do not expect directions and instructions from Him…

Yet God does not forget about Them and guides Them when necessary. They perceive His thoughts as Their own. They may call it “a flash of inspiration” or a “work of intuition”. It is such Individuals that bring to incarnate people important scientific discoveries, create great works of art. They are called Geniuses.

But other Divine Souls remember about God and can communicate with Him. They are Prophets. However, Their contacts with God are not constant. Sometimes a Prophet’s way of life is separate from God.

There is also the highest stage of Perfection. It is the stage of Avatars. They live in constant Mergence with the Creator. [17]

What does one need to be able to live at this higher level of existence? One needs to dissolve the jiva (i.e. the part of the consciousness which is connected with the body; see more details in [20]) and to substitute it with the buddhi merged with the Creator. In practice, it is achieved, first of all, by treating the body and jiva with the Divine Fire and learning to become this Fire [20].

But in order to realize this, it is not enough to have a desire and knowledge about this possibility. One needs to become a well-developed buddhi.

When this task is fulfilled, the material body with all its functions is controlled directly by the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness. Nothing individual remains. There is only the Boundless Living Subtlest Transparency of the Creator… The body can be transferred from one place to another, dematerialized and materialized again at any place where it is needed… [17,38].


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