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the Commandments of Jesus Christ?

Why Should We Keep
the Commandments of Jesus Christ?

Jesus travelled from one place to another, healed, and preached about God in a human environment that was hostile to Him. Then He was mocked and maltreated by aggressive and primitive people and underwent a death on the cross.

He did not do all that in order to be worshiped for it!

He did all that to teach people to live a life that is filled with great meaning, i.e. with harmonious integration in the Process of the Evolution of the Divine Consciousness.

… In recent years, I have heard many times that the Commandments of Jesus Christ have become obsolete and, therefore, one does not need to keep them…

Unfortunately, this opinion predominates now! People think that in order to save themselves from hell, one only needs to believe that Jesus was a Christ, to participate in “salvatory” rites and to repeat the same prayers, complementing them with the prescribed bodily movements! They do not try to study and fulfill the Teachings of Christ!

Jesus, on the contrary, taught to forgive, not to reclaim what was taken from you, to be humble, to be peaceable instead of being bellicose and aggressive, not to become irritated, not to condemn others, not to lust after worldly values, not to become attached to worldly objects, including other human beings, to react with love to any hostile act of primitive people, to be caring and gentle in the relations with our neighbors, etc. [21 and others].

But why do we need to be non-conflictive, to forgive everyone, not to revenge, to be obedient to the offenders instead of fighting against them? Why do we need to learn not to exalt ourselves but, on the contrary, to be humble?

Isn’t it better to punish villains to keep them from acting in the same way again? This might even be good for them!

However, Jesus taught this so that those people who will follow His Teachings can realize the Plan of God for us.

According to this Plan, we should avoid coarsening ourselves by feeling conflictive emotions and, on the contrary, gradually refine ourselves so that we can become perfect Souls and flow into the Creator. Become “… perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect!” (Matthew 5:48). This is how Jesus taught!

Negative emotions result in the coarsening of ourselves (as souls) and in the contamination of our bodies with coarse bioenergies. It is because of this, among other reasons, that our diseases appear. This also moves us away from the Ultimate Goal of our existence and creates troubles in our lives.

As we can see, many people, including those who consider themselves Christians, know nothing about the meaning of their lives on Earth, nor do they know why Jesus gave us His Commandments…

It is so, because the understanding of this can only be reached if one accepts the Teachings of God in its integrity.

* * *

We have already discussed many times that the spiritual self-perfection includes three closely interrelated directions: the ethical one, the intellectual one, and the psychoenergetical one. They are all necessary, but we should always begin with the first one.

It is essential to understand this well, taking into account that the development of every one of us is continuously observed by the Holy Spirits and by disembodied souls of various levels, who are directed by the Holy Spirits. They take into account all our achievements and ethically significant errors. Depending on this, the Holy Spirits form our destinies.

God is directly interested in our successful self-perfection. That is why He incorporates in our destinies different educational situations — both pleasant and unpleasant for us.

So, the more carefully we observe His Teachings, the more joy and happiness we will receive and the less unpleasant tests we will have to undergo.

Thus we predetermine our destinies, and God realizes them.

It should be mentioned that our destinies are formed all the time, being changed by us. The factors that make them change are our right or wrong ethically important decisions. (Astrological predictions have nothing to do with this).

If we constantly remember this, we can significantly increase the amount of happiness in our lives and reduce the amount of pain.

… Probably, at this moment several pertinent questions have already arisen in many readers. They are: what do the Teachings of God consist in and where can one find easily understandable information on this topic?

The answers to these questions can be found in all our books and our other materials dedicated to this subject.

* * *

Now let us examine some aspects of the psychoenergetical component of our development.

This component consists of the refinement of the consciousness and its subsequent quantitative growth.

The refinement is achieved at first through the correction of our own emotional spheres, which implies getting rid of coarse emotions and cultivating the subtle ones. To master this, we have created the system of methods of psychical self-regulation. This system allows one to cope with this task quite rapidly [18 and others].

Thanks to the attainment of the due level of refinement of the consciousness, a spiritual practitioner begins to perceive the Holy Spirits directly with the organs of perception of the soul, and not of the body.

Yet this is just the beginning of the direct communication with God. Later, a practitioner can achieve the state in which God — in His different Manifestations — becomes a greater Reality than the objects of the material world. Such a person gradually “transmigrates” from the world of matter to the world where the Creator and the Holy Spirits abide (and it is worth mentioning that the behavior of this practitioner among other embodied people remains adequate, which distinguishes him or her from the pretenders and from those who are mentally ill).

Of course, such “transmigration” does not happen due to an “instant enlightenment”, described in some pseudo-spiritual tales, but thanks to the persistent work on oneself over many years. Namely, it is necessary to grow as the spiritual heart, become huge, and learn to live, think and act being outside one’s own material body and far away from it. Then it is also necessary to learn to merge with the Holy Spirits and with the entire Primordial Consciousness.

* * *

Let me draw your attention to an important fact: we, as developing consciousnesses, can really enter the layers of the multidimensional space only if the energy inside our bodies corresponds to the energy inside these layers. So from the bodies that contain coarse energies, we cannot enter the pure and subtle layers of the multidimensionality.

It is also important that after our Divine Teachers — Holy Spirits — have showed us a subsequent (by its level of subtlety) layer of the multidimensional Absolute, we should learn not only to enter this layer but also to come out from it into our bodies and realize in them a respective purification and other refining changes.

Only after this, we can expect to enter and establish ourselves in the next — even subtler — layers of the Absolute.

Let me give you some examples. Such simple meditative techniques as “Giving Away”, “Awakening” and “Pranava” [18] allow one to get to know the Holy Spirits but without being able to distinguish Them individually, i.e. without realizing Which One of Them is communicating with a practitioner at that moment.

However, thanks to the indicated techniques (of course, if we lead an ethically pure lifestyle), we can purify the energy of our bodies to that level on which we can gradually begin to communicate with quite recognizable Holy Spirits. We can do this, among other ways, inside Their Mahadoubles [19,39].

The years of subsequent successful apprenticeship with Them allows us to become gradually acquainted with the gradation of Their states, which varies from the Divine Light to the Divine Fire of different degrees of intensity, up to the “Dazzling White Fire” [9].

Let me explain that the Holy Spirits appear before Their incarnate novice-disciples as the Divine Light (and not as the Divine Fire). Thus it is easier for those students to perceive the Holy Spirits.

Then They lead — with the help of Their states and advice — successful spiritual practitioners to the cognition of more and more subtle states, including those in which They remain in the moment of coming out from the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness.

They also teach how one can turn into the already mentioned “Dazzling White Fire”, with Which it is possible to create and transform objects of the material plane.

In a similar way, a practitioner cognizes the Abode of the Creator in which the United We of all the Holy Spirits dwells in the Divine Calm [20].

So, every time we cognize something new on this Path, we need to transform our bodies respectively.

* * *

I hope that I have succeeded in convincing my readers that it makes sense — for the sake of our love for God, i.e. for His sake, and for the sake of our own well-being — to study and keep the Commandments of Jesus Christ. They exhort us not to cause harm to others but, on the contrary, to help them. They teach us how to establish and develop our relations with God and how to perfect ourselves in a better way.


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