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Does Sexuality Exist “in Another World”?

Yes, it exists, but it is different.

Before examining further this subject, let me mention for those who do not know this that each person, after disincarnating, usually maintains the same appearance of the body that he or she had in the last incarnation. Sex is also maintained both in the appearance and in the self-perception.

Nevertheless, the sex in its “earthly” variant is impossible for non-incarnate people, since they do not have material genitals, interaction of which can produce an orgasm.

Still sexuality can take place in the sphere of emotional incorporeal relations!

By the way, it is possible to see how couples of people who really loved one another keep living together after both of them have disincarnated.

We also should not forget that non-incarnate beings go to different eons (lokas, spatial dimensions), among which there are hellish, paradisiacal, and Divine ones.

Can we say that sexual behavioural manifestations exist in hell? I have not studied this, but I know that malice, hatred, despair, and fear prevail there. Without any doubts, subtle, tender, and sexually-tinged emotions cannot exist in this eon. Yet coarse sexual desires, which cannot be satisfied, exist. As the evidence of this, we can consider the facts of the attempts of those hellish beings to “stick” to the lust of unsubtle incarnate people.

As to paradisiacal and Divine abodes, in which there are no other states but love, the sexual tinge of emotions fills the lives of the inhabitants there with high bliss.

Incarnate beings, in most cases, can merge one with another, to a certain extent, with the help of their genitals, but non-incarnate beings can easily interpenetrate and merge completely as naked (of the materials bodies and other clothes) souls! They also can freely add a sexual tinge to their love, entering without effort into intensive, long, ecstatic, blissful states. Such states are especially bright among those Souls Who are the most developed in the evolutionary perspective. The term Supreme Bliss corresponds mostly to such states of those Souls. Besides, They can fill the space around Them with this Bliss, allowing the worthy incarnate disciples of God to experience this state as well through the attunement with Them — for the sake of their further self-transformation, among other purposes.

We see that God does not reject sexuality. So why do some people reject it? Does it make sense at all to consider their opinion?

The solution is quite simple in this case: sexuality should correspond ethically to what God wants to see in people.

We have talked about this enough in the chapter you are reading right now and in our other books and articles.


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