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Final Stage of Sexuality

At an age between 45 and 55 years old, the sexuality begins to decrease in the representatives of both sexes.

Menopause (cessation of menstruations) happens to women at this age, even though ovulations can sometimes keep occurring, which creates conditions for pregnancy.

Erections among men of this age become less and less frequent and less and less strong and then disappear completely. Sexual stimulants can help to solve this problem for some additional amount of time, but later even these stimulants become ineffective.

This situation quite often results in disharmony in such a family.

So, it is good for everyone to know about these aging regularities beforehand and be aware of the fact that this is a norm, and not a sickness, and that such a thing happens to every person.

The biological reason for this phenomenon is to limit the participation of old specimens in reproduction, so that only younger specimens, who are usually healthier, can participate in this process.

Let me note that from time to time we can see people older than 55 with a high level of sexuality. However, in these cases there are grounds to suspect that they have some tumorous processes in their glands that are responsible for the production of sex hormones.

Men face an additional problem at this age: during long periods of absence of ejaculation, the secretion in the sex glands starts thickening. Thus benign prostatic hyperplasia appears.

There are medications that dilute such lumps, but one can also use other techniques for producing an ejaculation.

One of them is described in my book To Understand God. Let me cite it with small abridgements:

“What is the most important thing for us in sexual relations? It is tenderness, which originates from the gratitude to our beloved!

“The subtlest sexually tinged tenderness-gratitude is what refines the consciousness very effectively. This is one of the factors that contribute to spiritual progress!

“... A common urge of inexperienced partners, especially of men, during sexual interactions is to join the genitals as fast as possible. This is wrong. To create emotions of tenderness, a man should first caress the erogenous zones of his beloved for a long time. These could be nipples of mammary glands, skin of the back at the level of the shoulder-blades (the area of the anahata chakra), sacrum, and buttocks (the area of the svadhisthana chakra). (However, there are women in whom these zones are not erogenous). Then one can switch to caressing the clitoris, one of the most important erogenous zones of a female body.

“While doing this, both partners start feeling emotional resonance, and their mutual tenderness flames up more and more.

“Many women can reach an orgasm if a man merely caresses their clitoris with his hand. (There are different types of orgasms among women. The most common ones are clitoral, vaginal or g spot, and cervical).

“A typical variant of a sexual interaction can be the following: after the long caressing of the clitoris with his hand (necessarily clean), a man starts stimulating the vaginal erogenous zone (g spot), which results in a fast orgasm of his beloved. After that, they can join their genitals and continue to enjoy the beauty of the bright emotions of the subtlest tenderness, “growing into” these states and accustoming themselves to them.

“This variant of sexual interactions allows men with weak erection and premature ejaculation to participate in them, because when female genitals are quite wet, a vaginal penetration is possible even with weak erection or even without it. (Personal lubricants can also be of great help in this case. Another important thing to know is that petroleum jelly and ointments on the basis of it should not be used vaginally).

“After both partners have reached an orgasm, the time comes for new caresses on the background of deep calm; that is why it is not right to abandon the bed immediately after an orgasm.”


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