The Ultimate Guide: How to Prepare Your Child for Vaccines

There are plenty of adults who are afraid of injections and therefore children cannot be blamed if they make a fuss to get their shots. Though these are good for them it is undeniable that needles are painful. Besides the pain itself, the process of getting the vaccines might be a scary endeavor for most children. As parents, it is difficult to watch the kids in pain. All that you can do as a parent is to mentally prepare the child so as to make the process a little less painful and a little more acceptable.

Do not lie to the child

When taken by surprise the child gets even more scared than when the child knows that he is going to get his shots. So it is always important to tell the child where you are taking him and to help him be prepared for the fact that he would be getting his vaccines.

Give a good distraction

Distractions do not always have to be sugary treats. You can tell an engaging story or play some games or even read a book or hand over a toy to the child. Pick some distraction that would not require the child to move around, one that would help him keep his mind off the fear.

No matter what you do, no amount of preparation can prepare the child for the pain. Your child might still cry and get cranky when you are at the doctor’s clinic. Be gentle and talk to the child in a soft tone. Use comforting words and ensure that child that you would be there by his side.  

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